An Annotation Scheme for Cross-Cultural Argumentation and Persuasion Dialogues

Kallirroi Georgila1,  Ron Artstein1,  Angela Nazarian1,  Michael Rushforth1,  David Traum1,  Katia Sycara2
1Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California, 2Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University


We present a novel annotation scheme for cross-cultural argumentation and persuasion dialogues. This scheme is an adaptation of existing coding schemes on negotiation, following a review of literature on cross-cultural differences in negotiation styles. The scheme has been refined through application to coding both two-party and multi-party negotiation dialogues in three different domains, and is general enough to be applicable to different domains with few if any extensions. Dialogues annotated with the scheme have been used to successfully learn culture-specific dialogue policies for argumentation and persuasion.