1st SIGdial Workshop at ACL2000

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Including  Theme Session On 
Principles For Dialogue System Evaluation

October 7-8, 2000
Hong Kong
In conjunction with 
ACL-2000: The 38th Annual Meeting of the
Association for Computational Linguistics

There has been a perceived need in the SIGdial Community for a regular workshop spanning the SIGdial interest area of discourse and dialogue. While there has been a lot of activity in this area, and fairly frequent "specialty" workshops on various sub-topics, there has not been a regular place for such research to be presented in a forum to receive attention from the larger SIGdial community. This workshop is intended to be the first in a regular series.

Topics for the workshop include formal, corpus-based, implementational and analytical work on discourse and dialogue, with a focus on the following three themes:

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