13th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue (SIGDIAL)


Thursday July 5, 2012

 9:00 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks
 9:15 AM Keynote 1 (Session Chair: Alex Rudnicky)
9:15-10:15Multi-modal Sensing and Analysis of Poster Conversations: Toward Smart Posterboard
Tatsuya Kawahara
 10:15 AM Coffee Break
 10:45 AM Oral Presentation Session 1: Evaluation (Session Chair: Diane Litman)
10:45–11:10An End-to-End Evaluation of Two Situated Dialog Systems
Lina M. Rojas Barahona, Alejandra Lorenzo and Claire Gardent
11:10–11:35“Love ya, jerkface”: Using Sparse Log-Linear Models to Build Positive (and Impolite) Relationships with Teens
William Yang Wang, Samantha Finkelstein, Amy Ogan, Alan W. Black and Justine Cassell
11:35–12:00Enhancing Referential Success by Tracking Hearer Gaze
Alexander Koller, Konstantina Garoufi, Maria Staudte and Matthew Crocker
 12:00 PM Lunch
 1:00 PM Oral Poster Session 2 (Theme Session): Coherence (Session Chair: David DeVault)
1:00–1:25Unsupervised Topic Modeling Approaches to Decision Summarization in Spoken Meetings
Lu Wang and Claire Cardie
1:25–1:50An Unsupervised Approach to User Simulation: Toward Self-Improving Dialog Systems
Sungjin Lee and Maxine Eskenazi
1:50–2:15Hierarchical Conversation Structure Prediction in Multi-Party Chat
Elijah Mayfield, David Adamson and Carolyn Penstein Rosé
 2:15 PM Poster Session 1 “Madness” (Session Chair: David Schlangen)
 2:30 PM Poster Session 1
2:30–4:00Rapid Development Process of Spoken Dialogue Systems using Collaboratively Constructed Semantic Resources
Masahiro Araki
2:30–4:00The Effect of Cognitive Load on a Statistical Dialogue System
Milica Gasić, Pirros Tsiakoulis, Matthew Henderson, Blaise Thomson, Kai Yu, Eli Tzirkel and Steve Young
2:30–4:00Predicting Adherence to Treatment for Schizophrenia from Dialogue Transcripts
Christine Howes, Matthew Purver, Rose McCabe, Patrick G. T. Healey and Mary Lavelle
2:30–4:00Reinforcement Learning of Question-Answering Dialogue Policies for Virtual Museum Guides
Teruhisa Misu, Kallirroi Georgila, Anton Leuski and David Traum
2:30–4:00From Strangers to Partners: Examining Convergence within a Longitudinal Study of Task-Oriented Dialogue
Christopher Mitchell, Kristy Boyer and James Lester
2:30-4:00The Structure and Generality of Spoken Route Instructions
Aasish Pappu and Alexander Rudnicky
2:30–4:00Improving Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition Through Feature Set Optimization
Joonsuk Park and Claire Cardie
2:30–4:00A Temporal Simulator for Developing Turn-Taking Methods for Spoken Dialogue Systems
Ethan O. Selfridge and Peter A. Heeman
2:30–4:00Dialogue Act Recognition using Reweighted Speaker Adaptation
Congkai Sun and Louis-Philippe Morency
2:30–4:00Estimating Adaptation of Dialogue Partners with Different Verbal Intelligence
Kseniya Zablotskaya, Fernando Fernández-Martínez and Wolfgang Minker
 2:30 PM Demo Session
2:30–4:00A Demonstration of Incremental Speech Understanding and Confidence Estimation in a Virtual Human Dialogue System
David DeVault and David Traum
2:30–4:00Integrating Location, Visibility, and Question-Answering in a Spoken Dialogue System for Pedestrian City Exploration
Srinivasan Janarthanam, Oliver Lemon, Xingkun Liu, Phil Bartie, William Mackaness, Tiphaine Dalmas and Jana Goetze
2:30–4:00A Mixed-Initiative Conversational Dialogue System for Healthcare
Fabrizio Morbini, Eric Forbell, David DeVault, Kenji Sagae, David Traum and Albert Rizzo
 4:00 PM Sponsor Presentations 1 (Jason D. Williams)
 4:25 PM Oral Presentation Session 3: Discourse Structure (Session Chair: Amanda Stent)
4:25–4:50Towards Mediating Shared Perceptual Basis in Situated Dialogue
Changsong Liu, Rui Fang and Joyce Chai
4:50–5:15Global Features for Shallow Discourse Parsing
Sucheta Ghosh, Giuseppe Riccardi and Richard Johansson
5:15–5:40A Reranking Model for Discourse Segmentation using Subtree Features
Ngo Xuan Bach, Nguyen Le Minh and Akira Shimazu
 Conference Reception and Dinner at Engineer House, SNU

Friday July 6, 2012

 9:00 AM Announcements
 9:15 AM Oral Presentation Session 4: Statistical Models of Dialog (Session Chair: Gary Geunbae Lee)
9:15–9:40Landmark-Based Location Belief Tracking in a Spoken Dialog System
Yi Ma, Antoine Raux, Deepak Ramachandran and Rakesh Gupta
9:40–10:05Probabilistic Dialogue Models with Prior Domain Knowledge
Pierre Lison
10:05–10:30Exploiting Machine-Transcribed Dialog Corpus to Improve Multiple Dialog States Tracking Methods
Sungjin Lee and Maxine Eskenazi
 10:30 AM Coffee Break
 11:00 AM Keynote 2 (Session Chair: David Traum)
11:00–12:00Cohesion, Entrainment and Task Success in Educational Dialog
Diane Litman
 12:00 PM Lunch and Business Meeting
 1:30 PM Oral Presentation Session 5: Paralinguistic Features (Session Chair: Tatsuya Kawahara)
1:30–1:55A Bottom-Up Exploration of the Dimensions of Dialog State in Spoken Interaction
Nigel G. Ward and Alejandro Vega
1:55–2:20Using Group History to Identify Character-Directed Utterances in Multi-Child Interactions
Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Jill F. Lehman and Jessica K. Hodgins
2:20–2:45Adapting to Multiple Affective States in Spoken Dialogue
Kate Forbes-Riley and Diane Litman
 2:45 PM Poster 2 “Madness” (Session Chair: Antoine Raux)
 3:00 PM Poster Session 2
3:00–4:00Dialog System Using Real-Time Crowdsourcing and Twitter Large-Scale Corpus
Fumihiro Bessho, Tatsuya Harada and Yasuo Kuniyoshi
3:00–4:00Automatically Acquiring Fine-Grained Information Status Distinctions in German
Aoife Cahill and Arndt Riester
3:00–4:00A Unified Probabilistic Approach to Referring Expressions
Kotaro Funakoshi, Mikio Nakano, Takenobu Tokunaga and Ryu Iida
3:00–4:00Combining Verbal and Nonverbal Features to Overcome the “Information Gap” in Task-Oriented Dialogue
Eun Young Ha, Joseph F. Grafsgaard, Christopher Mitchell, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer and James C. Lester
3:00–4:00Semantic Specificity in Spoken Dialogue Requests
Ben Hixon, Rebecca J. Passonneau and Susan L. Epstein
3:00–4:00Contingency and Comparison Relation Labeling and Structure Prediction in Chinese Sentences
Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen
3:00–4:00A Study in How NLU Performance Can Affect the Choice of Dialogue System Architecture
Anton Leuski and David DeVault
3:00–4:00Integrating Incremental Speech Recognition and POMDP-Based Dialogue Systems
Ethan O. Selfridge, Iker Arizmendi, Peter A. Heeman and Jason D. Williams
3:00–4:00A Regression-Based Approach to Modeling Addressee Backchannels
Allison Terrell and Bilge Mutlu
3:00–4:00Improving Sentence Completion in Dialogues with Multi-Modal Features
Anruo Wang, Barbara Di Eugenio and Lin Chen
 4:00 PM Sponsor Presentations 2 (Jason D. Williams)
 4:25 PM Oral Presentation Session 6: NLG and NLU (Session Chair: Minhwa Chung)
4:25–4:50Combining Incremental Language Generation and Incremental Speech Synthesis for Adaptive Information Presentation
Hendrik Buschmeier, Timo Baumann, Benjamin Dosch, Stefan Kopp and David Schlangen
4:50–5:15Focused Meeting Summarization via Unsupervised Relation Extraction
Lu Wang and Claire Cardie
5:15–5:40Markov Logic Networks for Situated Incremental Natural Language Understanding
Casey Kennington and David Schlangen
 5:40 PM Best Paper Awards and Concluding Remarks