Topics of Interest

We welcome formal, corpus-based, implementation or analytical work on discourse and dialog including but not restricted to the following themes and topics:

1. Discourse Processing and Dialog Systems

Discourse semantic and pragmatic issues in NLP applications such as text summarization, question answering, or information retrieval, including topics like:

Spoken, multi-modal, and text/web based dialog systems including topics such as:

2. Corpora, Tools and Methodology

Corpus-based work on discourse and spoken, text-based and multi-modal dialog including its support, in particular:

3. Pragmatic and/or Semantic Modeling

The pragmatics and/or semantics of discourse and dialog (i.e. beyond a single sentence) including the following issues:

4. Dimensions of Interaction

Methods to address how interaction is shaped by specific properties of users, goals, modalities

5. Applications

The applications of dialog and discourse processing technology in areas such as: