Friday, September 24, 2010

9:20-10:00Papers 1-2:
 Towards Incremental Speech Generation in Dialogue Systems
Gabriel Skantze and Anna Hjalmarsson
 Comparing Local and Sequential Models for Statistical Incremental Natural Language Understanding
Silvan Heintze, Timo Baumann and David Schlangen
10:00-11:00Invited Talk 1:
 Dynamic Adaptation in Dialog Systems
Marilyn Walker
11:00-11:20Coffee break
11:20-12:20Papers 3-5:
 Modeling User Satisfaction Transitions in Dialogues from Overall Ratings
Ryuichiro Higashinaka, Yasuhiro Minami, Kohji Dohsaka and Toyomi Meguro
 Evaluation Metrics For End-to-End Coreference Resolution Systems
Jie Cai and Michael Strube
 Probabilistic Ontology Trees for Belief Tracking in Dialog Systems
Neville Mehta, Rakesh Gupta, Antoine Raux, Deepak Ramachandran and Stefan Krawczyk
12:20-13:30Lunch & SIGDIAL Business Meeting
13:30-15:00Short Paper Poster Session 1
 How was your day? An architecture for multimodal ECA systems
Raúl Santos de la Cámara, Markku Turunen, Jaakko Hakulinen and Debora Field
 Middleware for Incremental Processing in Conversational Agents
David Schlangen, Timo Baumann, Hendrik Buschmeier, Okko Buß, Stefan Kopp, Gabriel Skantze and Ramin Yaghoubzadeh
 Towards Semi-Supervised Classification of Discourse Relations using Feature Correlations
Hugo Hernault, Danushka Bollegala and Mitsuru Ishizuka
 Using entity features to classify implicit discourse relations
Annie Louis, Aravind Joshi, Rashmi Prasad and Ani Nenkova
 Same and Elaboration Relations in the Discourse Graphbank
Irina Borisova and Gisela Redeker
 Negotiating causal implicatures
Luciana Benotti and Patrick Blackburn
 Presupposition Accommodation as Exception Handling
Philippe de Groote and Ekaterina Lebedeva
 Exploring the Effectiveness of Lexical Ontologies for Modeling Temporal Relations with Markov Logic
Eun Y. Ha, Alok Baikadi, Carlyle Licata, Bradford Mott and James Lester
 Reference reversibility with Reference Domain Theory
Alexandre Denis
 Utilizing Review Summarization in a Spoken Recommendation System
Jingjing Liu, Stephanie Seneff and Victor Zue
 Dialogue Management Based on Entities and Constraints
Yushi Xu and Stephanie Seneff
 Towards Improving the Naturalness of Social Conversations with Dialogue Systems
Matthew Marge, João Miranda, Alan Black and Alexander Rudnicky
 Route Communication in Dialogue: a Matter of Principles
Theodora Koulouri and Stanislao Lauria
 The Impact of Dimensionality on Natural Language Route Directions in Unconstrained Dialogue
Vivien Mast, Jan Smeddinck, Anna Strotseva and Thora Tenbrink
 Learning Dialogue Strategies from Older and Younger Simulated Users
Kallirroi Georgila, Maria Wolters and Johanna Moore
15:00-16:00Papers 6-8:
 Sparse Approximate Dynamic Programming for Dialog Management
Senthilkumar Chandramohan, Matthieu Geist and Olivier Pietquin
 Parameter estimation for agenda-based user simulation
Simon Keizer, Milica Gasic, Filip Jurcicek, Francois Mairesse, Blaise Thomson, Kai Yu and Steve Young
 Adaptive Referring Expression Generation in Spoken Dialogue Systems: Evaluation with Real Users
Srinivasan Janarthanam and Oliver Lemon
16:00-16:20Coffee break
16:20-17:20Papers 9-11:
 A unified account of the semantics of discourse particles
Markus Egg
 The Effects of Discourse Connectives Prediction on Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition
Zhi Min Zhou, Man Lan, Zheng Yu Niu, Yu Xu and Jian Su
 Discourse indicators for content selection in summarization
Annie Louis, Aravind Joshi and Ani Nenkova
19:00-22:00Conference Dinner

Saturday, September 25, 2010

9:20-10:00Papers 12-13
 Comparing Spoken Language Route Instructions for Robots across Environment Representations
Matthew Marge and Alexander Rudnicky
 The Dynamics of Action Corrections in Situated Interaction
Antoine Raux and Mikio Nakano
10:00-11:00Invited Talk 2:
 Understanding Humans by Building Androids
Hiroshi Ishiguro
11:00-11:20Coffee break
11:20-12:20Papers 14-16
 Non-humanlike Spoken Dialogue: A Design Perspective
Kotaro Funakoshi, Mikio Nakano, Kazuki Kobayashi, Takanori Komatsu and Seiji Yamada
 Enhanced Monitoring Tools and Online Dialogue Optimisation Merged into a New Spoken Dialogue System Design Experience
Ghislain Putois, Romain Laroche and Philippe Bretier
 Don't tell anyone! Two Experiments on Gossip Conversations
Jenny Brusk, Ron Artstein and David Traum
12:20-13:00Lunch & Spoken Dialogue Challenge Report
13:00-14:40Short Paper Poster Session 2 & Demo Session
 Gaussian Processes for Fast Policy Optimisation of POMDP-based Dialogue Managers
Milica Gasic, Filip Jurcicek, Simon Keizer, Francois Mairesse, Blaise Thomson, Kai Yu and Steve Young
 Coherent Back-Channel Feedback Tagging of In-Car Spoken Dialogue Corpus
Yuki Kamiya, Tomohiro Ohno and Shigeki Matsubara
 Representing Uncertainty about Complex User Goals in Statistical Dialogue Systems
Paul A. Crook and Oliver Lemon
 Investigating Clarification Strategies in a Hybrid POMDP Dialog Manager
Sebastian Varges, Silvia Quarteroni, Giuseppe Riccardi and Alexei Ivanov
 Cooperative User Models in Statistical Dialog Simulators
Meritxell González, Silvia Quarteroni, Giuseppe Riccardi and Sebastian Varges
 Modeling Spoken Decision Making Dialogue and Optimization of its Dialogue Strategy
Teruhisa Misu, Komei Sugiura, Kiyonori Ohtake, Chiori Hori, Hideki Kashioka, Hisashi Kawai and Satoshi Nakamura
 The vocal intensity of turn-initial cue phrases in dialogue
Anna Hjalmarsson
 Pamini: A framework for assembling mixed-initiative human-robot interaction from generic interaction patterns
Julia Peltason and Britta Wrede
 Collaborating on Utterances with a Spoken Dialogue System Using an ISU-based Approach to Incremental Dialogue Management
Okko Buß, Timo Baumann and David Schlangen
 Cross-Domain Speech Disfluency Detection
Kallirroi Georgila, Ning Wang and Jonathan Gratch
 Validation of a Dialog System for Language Learners
Alicia Sagae, W. Lewis Johnson and Stephen Bodnar
 I've said it before, and I'll say it again: An empirical investigation of the upper bound of the selection approach to dialogue
Sudeep Gandhe and David Traum
 Autism and Interactional Aspects of Dialogue
Peter Heeman, Rebecca Lunsford, Ethan Selfridge, Lois Black and Jan van Santen
 Detection of time-pressure induced stress in speech via acoustic indicators
Matthew Frampton, Sandeep Sripada, Ricardo Augusto Hoffmann Bion and Stanley Peters
 How to Drink from a Fire Hose: One Person Can Annoscribe One Million Utterances in One Month
David Suendermann, Jackson Liscombe and Roberto Pieraccini
 Advances in the Witchcraft Workbench Project
Alexander Schmitt, Wolfgang Minker and Nada Sharaf
 MPOWERS: a Multi Points Of VieW Evaluation Refine Studio
Marianne Laurent and Philippe Bretier
 Statistical Dialog Management Methodologies for Real Applications
David Griol, Zoraida Callejas and Ramón López-Cózar
 YouBot: A Simple Framework for Building Virtual Networking Agents
Seiji Takegata and Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii
 How was your day? An Affective Companion ECA Prototype
Marc Cavazza, Raúl Santos de la Cámara, Markku Turunen, José Relaño Gil, Jaakko Hakulinen, Nigel Crook and Debora Field
14:40-16:00Papers 17-20
 $F^2$ - New Technique for Recognition of User Emotional States in Spoken Dialogue Systems
Ramón López-Cózar, Jan Silovsky and David Griol
 Online Error Detection of Barge-In Utterances by Using Individual Users' Utterance Histories in Spoken Dialogue System
Kazunori Komatani and Hiroshi G. Okuno
 Dialogue Act Modeling in a Complex Task-Oriented Domain
Kristy Boyer, Eun Y. Ha, Robert Phillips, Michael Wallis, Mladen Vouk and James Lester
 Hand Gestures in Disambiguating Types of You Expressions in Multiparty Meetings
Tyler Baldwin, Joyce Chai and Katrin Kirchhoff
16:00-16:20Coffee break
16:20-17:20Papers 21-23
 User-adaptive Coordination of Agent Communicative Behavior in Spoken Dialogue
Kohji Dohsaka, Atsushi Kanemoto, Ryuichiro Higashinaka, Yasuhiro Minami and Eisaku Maeda
 Towards an Empirically Motivated Typology of Follow-Up Questions: The Role of Dialogue Context
Manuel Kirschner and Raffaella Bernardi
 Assessing the effectiveness of conversational features for dialogue segmentation in medical team meetings and in the AMI corpus
Saturnino Luz and Jing Su
17:20-17:50Best Paper Awards & Closing